The Original Bad Guys Custom Harleys

Our Mission:

At The Original Bad Guys, we have over 50 years of experience in the Harley field and our goal is to give you the biggest bang for the buck! We believe that you can have a truly reliable hot rod Harley.

  • We do not endorse products simply for the best profit margins. The products we offer are those products we use ourselves and our loyal customers use daily.

  • We offer total service from scheduled maintenance to all out custom builds.

  • We specialize in engine builds, ranging from 80+ hp stockers to 150 in. monster motors.
We do not sell bikes for a living. You will not find a car dealership atmosphere here. To assist you in your buying process, we will be glad to check out any Harley-type bike you may be thinking of purchasing.

Stop by and visit, you will get the best prices and service found any where!
We will attempt to match or beat any competitor's prices.

Visit us at:
6852 Satchelford Road, Columbia SC 29206
Shop: 803-738-9339
Fax: 803-738-9336

Columbia's only source for Harley Hi-Performance

The Original BadGuys is in no way affiliated with, authorized by, or sponsored by Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
Any reference made to "HARLEY-DAVIDSON" is made solely for identification purposes and is not intended to create confusion or deception in the marketplace.